Governance of Aga Khan Foundation UK

Aga Khan Foundation UK has a two-tiered governance structure, with both a Board of Directors and a National Committee.

Board of Directors

The Board has overall statutory governance responsibility for Aga Khan Foundation UK and maintains an active role in setting Aga Khan Foundation UK’s strategy, ensuring its coherence with the direction and activities of the Aga Khan Foundation globally and of the wider Aga Khan Development Network.
  • His Highness the Aga Khan
  • Prince Amyn Aga Khan
  • Princess Zahra Aga Khan
  • Prince Rahim Aga Khan
  • Jane Piacentini-Moore
  • Alan Abela

National Committee

The National Committee assists the Board in the discharge of its functions.  All National Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee fulfills key governance and oversight responsibilities for Aga Khan Foundation UK, including:

  • Providing ongoing general guidance
  • Compliance with legal and fiscal requirements
  • Overseeing the annual budget so that resources placed under its custody are productively managed, invested and used in furtherance of its best interests

The National Committee generally meets four times a year. A Finance Committee having responsibility for audit and compliance is appointed from among the members of the National Committee and meets monthly.

Mahmood H. Ahmed – Consultant, Adams & Remers, Solicitors

Abyd Karmali – Managing Director, Climate Finance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Habib Motani – Consultant, Clifford Chance

Salimah Currimbhoy – Finance, Aga Khan Development Network

Naushad Jivraj (ex officio member) – President, Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom

Faaiza Lalji – Director of Planning and Development, Precis Advisory

Dr. Gurdofarid Miskinzoda – Head of the Shii Studies Unit, The Institute of Ismaili Studies

Munira Nathoo – Director, The Beverley Group

Dr. Nacim Pak-Shiraz – Head of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Senior Lecturer in Film and Persian Studies, University of Edinburgh

Shainila Pradhan – Deputy Director, The Home Office