Accelerate Prosperity

Accelerate Prosperity (AP) is a global initiative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia, which follows guidance from the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Board to develop more formal structures to catalyse enterprises within AKDN’s main area development programs, where economic opportunities remain insufficient. Through patient capital and tailored business advisory to startups and businesses, AP complements broader employment-related programs of AKF and draws significantly on technical expertise from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development’s (AKFED) Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), and coordinates efforts with the AKDN’s financial institutions, the University of Central Asia and many other national partners. In Pakistan, AP is housed under the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP).


#ImpactOdyssey Season II

#ImpactOdyssey season II will be titled as ImpactOdyssey:Businesses of Tomorrow. The series will feature highly impactful technology startups from Central and South Asia, supported by AP.  The three benchmarks that will connect the diverse group of companies are technology, impact, and transformation.

The content of the series will boldly state the goals of Accelerate Prosperity for the next five years. It will feature some of the most future resilient industries that are expected to reshape the world as we know it. From Health tech to Fintech, Ed-tech and AI to Eco technologies and agriculture technologies, it will be an overview of integral industries stepping into the future.  The series is directed toward donors, investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring tech companies to see the global reach of AP and the impact that it has produced during its short tenure.

View season 1 of AP’s Impact Odyssey series.


  1. The mission of the new season is to feature tech startups to reassert Accelerate Prosperity as a regional player that invests in innovation, accelerates digitization, and empowers communities through technological advancement and entrepreneurial interventions. The goal of the series is further aligned with the mission of changing and controlling the public perception of Accelerate Prosperity. Shifting AP’s current perception from country specific interventions to a leading regional firm shaping the world of tomorrow through the power of technology, entrepreneurship, and impact financing. The aim is to extend AKDN’s mission of improving the quality of life in emerging economies. Furthermore, the series will amplify the impact and presence of featured businesses across global markets. 
  2. This series will also help audiences ascend their own limiting perception of tech entrepreneurship and set a bold vision to initiate tech-driven solutions. With the current volatile economic situations around the globe, it’s imperative for businesses to look beyond traditional and national markets that are growing redundant.  The series will be an eye-opener for aspiring entrepreneurs, instilling new global trade perspectives. Broadening of tech and digital portfolios of these countries will help improve their global perception and attract foreign investors.
  3. The series is an attempt to foster and accelerate digital literacy by educating communities about critical technological shifts around the globe. Accelerate Prosperity being at the forefront of enterprise growth and development and impact investing can be the catalyst that moves these communities towards a changing world. This series will not only help build technology literacy among its people but also cements Accelerate Prosperity as the place to be when accelerating and incubating their tech-unicorns in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

Features of the Series:  

Episode 1 (Opening Episode) – The first episode is the businesses of tomorrow. With an AP business as a case study the episode will explore broader entrepreneurial trends and opportunities in the region and globally. The episode will open with a hook and an opening artwork drawing a connection with the businesses of the future/ tech/ green for tomorrow. It’s a voyage through industries and technologies revolutionizing human wellbeing. Ground-breaking approaches for a better world and better life. The featured episode will give an overview of the technological scape around the world, in AP focus regions and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thematic Episodes:  15 thematic episodes will explain each industry, the opportunities and potential that the region can tap into. These episodes will be the anchors to the stories that will follow and will provide an immersive learning experience to the viewers. 

  • Industry experts and their prediction about where the industry is going. 
  • AP leads, AKDN/ Donors / thematic leadership about the implications of these industries on respective countries and overall region.
  • Global stats and insights
  • Entrepreneurs journey through changing dynamics of the industry

Featuring the businesses in each Episode: 

  • Each business story will be explored in relation to the global paradigm 
  • Each business will be connected AP’s regional mandate and regional integration

Visual Treatment

  • Cinematic style of picture preferred to shoot in LOG.
  • Modern and futuristic color palettes 
  • 2D animation to explain numbers, graphs, etc
  • Animation to show backstories of the characters 
  • Modern and vibrant lighting techniques 
  • Well composed interviews and talking heads drive the stories
  • Well composed wide & close shots are used to affect mood changes 
  • The moving process following shots using shoulder rigs
  • Still verité shots to establish locations, characters, and narrative 
  • Shots of characters working in their offices, fields, and laboratories. 
  • Tension building shots to increase stakes of the stories higher and higher.’ 

Sound Treatment:

  • Ambient futuristic music to retain attention time
  • Using follies of all types of the movements to make a three-dimensional soundscape.
  • Dolby Surround sound treatment to attain more realistic sound. 

Featured Industries:  

  1. Green tech and eco-solutions 
  2. Health Tech
  3. FinTech
  4. Ed Tech
  5. AI & Meta 
  6. Agri tech / others
  7. Others which are prioritized in AP countries

Target Audience:

This series is intended to capture a wide variety of audiences to educate and inspire people to get into tech and innovation, to think beyond traditional models of businesses and get inspired towards technology-based startups and ideas. 

  • Tech and green entrepreneurs 
  • Donor institutions
  • Investment institutions

Target Platforms for Distribution:

  • AKDN Platforms
  • Business Insider 
  • VICE Business 
  • Startup News channels in respective Countries. 

Requirements of Service Provision

The purpose of this procurement is to develop the short videos of 15 AP’s supported businesses as part of the Season II of ImpactOdyssey. The company will cover the stories of AP’s supported business in three countries, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. 

Items Description Outputs Units
Short Stories of AP’s supported businesses Create a 3–5-minute short films on AP’s portfolio business. 
  1. Short film of the entrepreneur
  2. 10 high quality photos including the portraits of all the partners
16 short films
Design and execute the distribution plan of the videos Create a roll out plan, design a four months long campaign and distribution plan for the video, onboard distribution partners
  1. 16 videos

Timeline For the project:

Activities  Estimated Time  Months
Preproduction  30 Days August
Production 60 Days  Sep – Oct
Postproduction  60 Days  Nov-Dec
Campaign Development  30 Days Jan
Distribution 120 Days Feb-June

Key Capacities Required

The required capacities include:

  • Ability to have agreements with local teams in AP countries for preproduction
  • Media or marketing company with significant background in video production, and business storytelling 
  • Presence in one of AP countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.
  • Energetic and output driven team with no limited work hours or in other words a team who is faster, better and reasonably priced.
  • Prior experience with  other international organization  especially AKDN, AP or entrepreneurship related activities.
  • Experienced in rolling out video based campaigns across industries and diverse target segments and well strong ties with the relevant potential distribution channels. 


Commercial offers and proposals to be sent until 4 August 2022 with a subject name “AP IMPACT ODYSSEY”

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