Contribute towards a better quality of life for those most in need in the developing world.

The Foundation leverages every pound allocated towards its social development work through matching grants from leading donor agencies and partners, including European governments, to create a multiplier effect that stretches resources and amplifies the impact of every donation.

Please note that, with the exception of our grant to the Global Encounters initiative mentioned below, online donations to Aga Khan Foundation (United Kingdom) (AKF (UK)) are accepted on the basis they are unrestricted and available to be utilised by AKF (UK) across its various endeavours.

If there is a specific programme or endeavour that you are particularly interested in, you may identify it in the dropdown menu below. In the case of Global Encounters, for so long as our grant to Aga Khan Foundation Portugal (AKFP) specifically for their Global Encounters initiative remains open, online donations may be made on the restricted basis that they are a contribution towards this grant. If you wish to contribute towards Global Encounters, please select Global Encounters from the Programme dropdown below. Please note that we may close our grant for Global Encounters at any time without notice, and donations received after then will be accepted on the basis they are unrestricted and available to be used by AKF (UK) across its various endeavours.

For all donations, AKF (UK) will contact you to acknowledge your gift or if there are any problems in processing your gift. We will also provide your details and information regarding your donation to the selected programme of interest. Your information will not otherwise be shared and you will not be contacted by AKF(UK) for any other reason unless you opt in to receiving communications from us by ticking the box below.

If you have any questions about donating to AKF (UK), please email

If you are donating from Australia, please use the donations form on this page.

Planned and Legacy Giving

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