The UK team

A small, dedicated and international group, the UK team have worked in over 15 countries across five continents in both public and private sectors.

Matt Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Jasmin Jahanshahi

Director of Programmes

Christopher Wilton-Steer

Head of Communications

Aleeza Mitha

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Patrick Sayer

Senior Partnerships Manager

Nicholas McGrath

Senior Partnerships Manager

Aqeela Datoo

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Farah Mendjour

Strategic Programmes Manager

Stephen Fulford

Grants Finance Officer

Christina Jorgensen

HR Manager

Tibyan Osman

Partnerships Officer

Georgia Aldridge

Personal Assistant to the CEO and Office Administrator

Kendra Schreiner

Partnerships Officer

Edith Read

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Sarah James

Digital Content and Communications Officer

Georgina Maynard

Partnerships Officer

Sanan Aliyev

Events and Communications Officer

Susie Leonard

Programme Finance Manager

Stephen West

Financial Controller

Louanne Guthrie

Finance Officer (Income)

Gradleigh Ruderham

Head of Finance and Operations